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The Business Ambassadors ~ Since 1957


Member:  John Politopoulos



John Politopoulos

Managing Director

Koryfi Consulting

Phone: (780) 974-5936

E-mail: John@KoryfiConsulting.com

Web: koryficonsulting.com





KORYFI (Pronounced ko-ree-FEE) from the Greek word “κορυφή” meaning apex, summit or peak. Koryfi Consulting is a sales consultancy based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Founded by John Politopoulos as a way to bring proven sales processes to businesses in need of improving revenue growth, Koryfi Consulting works with small and medium sized businesses to develop high performing teams. 


Our purpose is to leave everything that we touch a little better than how we found it. Our philosophy on creating high performing teams involves motivating the team to achieve the collective goal, while developing each individual to help them achieve their potential. Our clients are companies where revenue has slowed or declined, or the sales team is not meeting expectations and they want to reverse that trend.

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